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08 October 2012 @ 12:40 am
A Crime to Play, Chapter 9  
Title: A Crime to Play
Genre: Angst/Horror/Romance
Rating: M
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Pairings: Xemnas/Aqua, Terra/Aqua
Beta: SoraSakuraba896 and slewinca
Warnings: Violence, abuse, and sex in later chapters.
Spoilers: Some spoilers for Dream Drop Distance; very little spoilers for Birth by Sleep and 358/2 Days.
Disclaimer: Kingdom Hearts and all characters are developed by SQUARE-ENIX, but belong to Disney. I do not make money from writing this fan fiction.

Summary: Aqua is brought back to the Realms of Light and In-Between due to a chance encounter with a familiar person in the Realm of Darkness. She spends her time reconnecting with said familiar person. However, Aqua soon realizes that it’s such a fine line between a good man and a bad, and she senses her once strong exterior melting away to reveal rising fears and forbidden desires as she finds herself caught in a dangerous game with her dearly beloved that she so desperately tries to rebuild back into his true self.

Notes: This is a 100 themes challenge.
This fan fiction is also no longer being archived on my Live Journal. I have moved everything to FanFiction.net. Just click on the fake cut below to access it.

( Stunning indeed, Xehanort thought. The siren was unlike any other creature he had seen before, a heaven blessed beauty whose voice was so divine that it made the poor boy's heart wrench with need. )