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Kingdom Hearts Het

Archive of KH Het fic, art and more!

Kingdom Hearts Het love
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Welcome to the Kingdom Hearts Het community! Stop awhile, poke around the art and fic, and share the love!

This community's for sharing art and fic of het couples from the Kingdom Hearts series. Members can post their work here, or are free to recommend good art and fic by others! Please check the rules below for full details on what is/isn't allowed, or if you're uncertain about something.

PLEASE NOTE that this comm does allow fic and art of an NC-17 nature! If you're underage, please exercise caution! And off of that, when you post, you MUST use an LJ-cut, as well as the format described below!

Please note that ads for roleplaying comms or other such advertisements are NO LONGER ALLOWED. They're clogging up the comm too much and aren't really relevant to KH het, most of the time. So if you're looking to advertise, please don't do it here.

How to Post:
All kinds of het are welcome, canon-based or otherwise! However, since some members may not be as keen on Riku/Maleficent as you are, please use these formats when posting to avoid people throwing a fit:

For Artists:
Title: Not necessary, but nice to have.
Artist: Again, not necessary, but why not?
Rating: *This is REQUIRED. Especially for pictures, please note whether your image is worksafe or not!
Spoilers: *Not required, but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Come on, show some common courtesy towards those who haven't finished the game yet!
Characters/Pairings: *This is also REQUIRED. Het covers many different pairings, and people like to know what they're getting into!
Notes: If you've got any extra notes (such as if this pic is crossposted anywhere) please share!

For Writers:
Title: Also not necessary, but why not?
Writer: Let us know who you are!
Rating: *This is REQUIRED. While some may come for the p0rn, others may just come for the cute G-rated fluff.
Characters/Pairings: *Also REQUIRED, for the same reasons as the art!
Notes/Continuation: *Highly recommended. Please let us know if this is a one-shot or a work in progress. Give us hints of anything that might be an issue for some people, such as BDSM or non-con, so they'll know what they're clicking on.

For recommendations, it helps if you mention any of the above, such as rating and pairings involved.

1) Be kind and civil to your fellow members! Use common sense and don't go bad-mouthing for no good reason. If anybody acts abusively or basically like a great hulking idiot, they will be banned. If you spam or troll, you're out for good, no questions asked.
In that vein, constructive critique is okay, but try to use it only when the author specifically asks for it. Improving is always good for artists and writers, but that's not really the point of this community.
2) What are you allowed to post? Any art or fic for a het pairing in Kingdom Hearts! It can be from "mostly gen with hints of pairings" to "hardcore secks," just make sure you label it as such.
a) Yaoi and yuri are NOT 100% expressly forbidden. However, they are strongly discouraged against. There are about five or six KH yaoi comms out there; why would you want to post it here? The point here is to have at least one place for het couples to get a posting. It would be okay, say, for a fic to have a het romance and a one-sided slash romance.
b) Threesomes are perfectly welcome, as long as at least one of the involved parties is a member of the opposite sex. So go on and post any Riku/Sora/Kairi or Axel/Marluxia/Larxene stuff you may have!
3) Do NOT post here complaining about how much you hate yaoi fans, or how Riku/Sora is so gross. Save it for a rant community or your journal. The purpose of this comm is not to bash yaoi, but to promote and encourage het. The best way to show your love for het pairings is to draw and write more of it, after all!
4) This is not really a rule, more like a friendly suggestion to writers: please try and find a beta for your stories! If you can't get a beta, at least proofread your fic for errors, check for plot inconsistency and OOC-ness. It just takes a bit of extra time and effort, and it'll prevent you from getting onto kingdom_spork make it all the more enjoyable for your readers! ^^
5) *NEW* Advertising for roleplaying communities, asking for roleplaying partners or any other kind of comm advertising is NOT ALLOWED. The adverts are clogging up the comm too much for my tastes. If you advertise on this comm, your post will be deleted. If you advertise repeatedly, you'll be banned.

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That's it for now! Come join, have fun, and spread the word! If you've got any more questions, you can IM or email lynxgriffin, as I'm often online and don't bite usually. ;)